We Love Irish Wolfhounds

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Might I have your permission to share your incredible photos with the fans of a Facebook page I started in 2013 dedicated to the appreciation of purebred dogs? You can see it at Facebook by looking up National Purebred Dog Day (I'm not allowed to share a link here). I hope to hear from you very soon! Susi

Yes you may! Go right ahead!

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dreadiron said:
Why do they not live as long as others dogs, I am sure you'd know. I have had 6,7 Yorkies at a time; only three now. One was born giant, he is quite a dog and so was his son who passed last year after 9 mos. paralyzed in a freak accident. I have Bruno (giant) and his two daughters now. My wife had an Irish Wolfhound when I met her.

Larger dog breeds such as Great Danes, Burmese Mountain Dogs, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds, etc. don’t live as long as average dogs because their organs are so large, and their bodies are so big that it takes a lot to keep the body going. Especially when the dogs are tall, the blood sometimes can’t get to the bottom of the paw, that’s why a lot gnaw on their paws when they’re older; heart problems are common.
A lot of larger breeds have high risk to bloat and hip dysphasia also.
They just have to deal with all the health issues they’re prone to have.

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